Social Media Marketing

6 Facebook Marketing Tips & Strategies To Enhance Facebook Engagement

Facebook Marketing Engagement Tips & Strategies for Business

With a constant flow of changes to Facebook since its inception, brands on Facebook today cannot rely on fan-gated content to appeal to their target market… they need Facebook marketing tips and strategies that actually encourage more engagement on the social media powerhouse. The relevancy of content on Facebook is …

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3 Facebook Business Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make


Nowadays, most businesses are well aware of the marketing potential of Facebook and have at least a Facebook business page started there. Considering that there are nearly a billion members on Facebook, the potential reach of the social site is absolutely staggering on a local, national and international scale. Still, …

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Linkedin For Businesses and Professionals: How It Works

linkedin for business

Linkedin for businesses and professionals has become a serious networking tool with over 150 million users. The best part is it doesn’t cost you a dime to get set up! Utilize personal profiles and company pages on Linkedin to begin the process Learn more about the in’s and out’s of …

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Search Engine Marketing

Why Landing Pages Are Key To Effective Online Marketing


If you want better lead generation and a whole boatload of qualified leads at that, you’re going to want a great landing page. Seems obvious, right? The problem is most small business marketers often take the landing page for granted and spend more time and money on all of the …

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Local Marketing Strategy Guaranteed To Crush Competition

local business competition is fierce

Just because there will continue to be more competition in your local market doesn’t mean you can’t still win big in this economy. Continue reading

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Do You Have An Online Marketing Plan in Place?

Internet marketing plan for local businesses

Don’t get me wrong, the Internet can be a daunting place for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean not having an Internet marketing plan for your local business is acceptable, especially today. Read this closely: The Internet is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon, so this means that if you own, …

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